Enamel Erosion: Test Your Knowledge Here

Did you know it’s best to prevent enamel erosion as much as possible? Well, it’s true, especially because enamel erosion can severely harm your smile. Unfortunately, it’s tough to prevent enamel erosion when you don’t know much about it. So, our dentist, Dr. Keith Dodge, encourages you to test your enamel erosion knowledge today by taking the following test. We... read more »

Dental Care When You Are Sick

Normally, we think about getting sick or getting the flu during the colder months. But the fact is that you might find yourself coming down with something anytime of the year. Viruses know no season. If you do come down with something, you will be dealing with a fever, the chills, aches and pains. The last thing you want to... read more »

Recovering From Tooth Extraction Requires Extra Care

Tooth extractions are often a treatment of last resort used to address one or more teeth that have been significantly compromised by oral trauma or untreated tooth decay. In other cases multiple teeth might need to be removed to prepare the area for a partial denture. Once the teeth have been removed Dr. Keith Dodge will carefully suture your gums... read more »

Dentistry FAQs: Pediatric Dentistry

The oral health care of your child or a younger individual in your family is essential to ensure their smile can continue to grow and thrive properly. If for any reason they are suffering from an oral health ailment, it will need to be properly treated so that further oral health risks do not arise. Through the use of pediatric... read more »

Never Give Up on Brushing and Flossing

It is important to take the time every day to make sure your mouth is being cleaned correctly. Although brushing your teeth is extremely important for maintaining optimal health and keeping your enamel strong, your toothbrush will not be able to adequately clean between teeth. To accomplish this task, you must also make sure you are flossing every day. Only... read more »

Try a Healthy Diet for Your Teeth

Are you interested in having a healthy diet for your body and smile? Did you know there are foods that are great for your teeth? Well, it’s true! To give you more information about your oral health, our dentist, Dr. Keith Dodge with Dodge Family Dental in Orem, Utah, is happy to provide these tips. What you eat plays a... read more »

Superior Smiles Include Repairing Broken Teeth

  Healthy smiles are built on the backs of tooth restoration. From time to time oral accidents and injuries can happen, and teeth can get damaged by wearing out over time. However, if you do require a tooth restoration, consider a repair designed to not only improve and fix the problem that you have but also to help prevent further... read more »

Questions Answered About Dental Crowns

  Dental crowns are a highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatment because they can enhance a tooth in a number of ways. Not only are they extremely effective for redesigning a tooth for the look that your smile requires, they can even add an additional layer of protection by concealing the tooth on all sides. With a dental crown in place,... read more »

If You Have Tooth Loss, a Dental Implant Can Give Your Smile Back

Many patients who have suffered tooth loss also suffer bone loss over time that can cost them their dental health. If you have lost a tooth or had one extracted, we invite you to consider receiving a dental implant. Dental implants can return the strong and functional smile that tooth loss may have taken away. The ability of a dental... read more »

Answer Your Questions on Chewing Gum

  Keep your smile safe from the risks that may be present in your oral health. Effective oral hygiene habits are essential to keep your mouth clean. Beyond brushing and flossing, it is important to wash out your mouth after eating. Due to the heightened risk of sensitivity to your teeth, alternative methods of brushing will be needed. One highly effective... read more »