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The oral health care of your child or a younger individual in your family is essential to ensure their smile can continue to grow and thrive properly. If for any reason they are suffering from an oral health ailment, it will need to be properly treated so that further oral health risks do not arise. Through the use of pediatric dentistry, dentists can focus on the oral health care of younger individuals to provide them the care they need. Frequently asked questions regarding pediatric dentistry is as follows:

Question: Who benefits from pediatric dentistry?
Pediatric dentistry is a field of dentistry that is primarily designed for infants, children and special needs patients.

Question: What are some of the benefits of pediatric dentistry?
Provides oral health care for individuals who can often not care for themselves. Pediatric dentistry can provide treatments that are applicable to their age.

Question: What are some common ailments that can be treated with pediatric dentistry care?
Pediatric dentistry can help treat the following conditions:
– Teething: Teething occurs when a child’s primary teeth begin to erupt above the gum line and causes discomfort and pain.
– Thumb sucking: Thumb sucking is a condition in which a child routinely puts their smile at risk by sucking on their thumbs.
– Baby bottle tooth decay: Baby bottle tooth decay is linked to potential dental damage caused by sugars and other substances that a child drinks from their baby bottle.

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