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Dental crowns are a highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatment because they can enhance a tooth in a number of ways. Not only are they extremely effective for redesigning a tooth for the look that your smile requires, they can even add an additional layer of protection by concealing the tooth on all sides. With a dental crown in place, a tooth can be restored to its proper function to effectively last in your mouth for decades to come.

Enhancing your smile with a cosmetic dentistry treatment can prove to be highly effective. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are designed to dramatically improve the look of a tooth. In the case of dental crowns, not only will they conceal a previous dental damage, they can even be used to bind together teeth that are shattered into bits to hold the bits together once again. Not only can dental crowns provide a better look to the tooth, but it will also allow damaged teeth to function effectively once more.

Dental crowns are known for their durability. A single dental crown can provide decades of support and potentially last for the rest of the life of the tooth. In addition, for children at high risk for tooth decay, dental crowns are effective for added protection. Furthermore, dental crowns can be used to cover and conceal previous treatment options that may have been received, including dental implants, dental bridges, and root canals. They can even be used for teeth that require a dental filling, but not enough tooth remains to hold the filling on its own.

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