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Denture maintenance is a key part of keeping your dentures operating as necessary. If you do not care for them, oral health ailments including bacterial contamination can occur. It is important to always clean your dentures and keep them free of damage. Listed below are a few tips to help you:

– Whenever removing your dentures, always make sure you store them in a denture-cleaning solution to make sure they do not dry out and crack.
– Before inserting your dentures into your mouth, always make sure your mouth is clean and clear of debris. In addition, to prevent contamination, do not place your dentures in your mouth until they are fully cleaned and rinsed off with plain water.
– Be careful whenever handling your dentures, especially when you take them out of your mouth. They tend to be extremely fragile and can easily be cracked or chipped if handled improperly.
– Don’t forget to attend regular check-ups and consult with your dentist if your dentures are ever damaged or broken.
– Always clean your dentures with a denture-cleaning solution. In addition, you can use hand soaps or mild dishwashing liquids.
– Never use toothpaste on your dentures. Furthermore, never use teeth whitening treatments, bleach, hot water, or any abrasive cleaning materials that can easily damage your dentures.

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