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Do you ever wonder what you might be able to do to keep your teeth healthy and strong? You probably know that it’s important for you to brush and floss your teeth. You may also know that it’s important for you to visit your dentist regularly. However, did you know that there are a few other things you’ll need to do to consider doing to keep your child’s teeth strong?

Unfortunately, your child is actually as vulnerable to tooth decay as you are, but your baby’s tooth decay could be the result of baby bottle tooth decay. As you’ve probably guessed, this type of decay is caused by giving your child a bottle, typically when they go to bed. Sadly, sugar doesn’t actually cause cavities or decay, but it can promote bacteria growth. Because liquids can pool in your child’s mouth, they’ll be more vulnerable to tooth decay.

Luckily, there are a few things you’ll be able to do to help your child stay away from this issue. For example, you could avoid this problem simply by not giving your child a bottle at night. Sadly, many children won’t be able to sleep without their bottle. In this case, give your child a bottle filled with water. You should also avoid sharing utensils with your little one since saliva can transmit the bacteria that cause decay.

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