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Some children resort to thumb sucking as a coping mechanism for stress. However, prolonged thumb sucking can damage your child’s teeth and gums, and you should encourage them to quit. For more information, see below:

– If a child sucks their thumb, they could introduce new bacteria to their mouths.
– Thumb sucking usually can delay the growth of a baby’s teeth, and can alter the position of the adult teeth when they come in.
– Although it should only be used if other treatment levels have failed, your dentist can recommend flavorings that specifically used to discourage children from sucking their thumbs.
– If you want to break a child’s habit of thumb sucking, do not rely on pacifiers, as they can contribute to the same type of damage to your teeth that thumb sucking can.
– Children normally suck their thumbs because they are scared or insecure.
– Gentle encouragement can help your child break the habit.

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