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Are you interested in a few simple things you can do to keep your little one’s teeth healthy and strong? Do you ever wonder about other things could do to improve your own oral health? Luckily, there are several things you could consider doing, such as having dental sealants placed.

Of course, if you or your child gets a sealant, you should still remember that brushing and flossing are crucial components of successful oral hygiene. In reality, dental sealants are made of a synthetic plastic material that is typically clear. Sealants are designed to help you prevent tooth decay.

Our dentist may recommend placing sealants on your back teeth since they’re especially hard to clean. Furthermore, since your back molars are pitted, they’ll be more likely to hold bad plaque and bacteria, which can cause cavities. If you decide to protect these back teeth with a sealant, you’ll be less likely to have cavities form. Furthermore, if you keep your sealant clean, you may be able to enjoy its protection for several years.

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